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Dear Guest,

Thank you for contacting us. 212 Istanbul Suites has an “A” group travel agency located in Sultanahmet (Old City), Istanbul and we have been proudly serving their clients for a very long time. We handle all kinds of travel arrangements according to our client(s)’ time, budget and interests.

Let me explain what I mean by time, budget and interests:

Time : We need to know your time frame. This is date of arrival and date of departure from Turkey.

Budget : This is about type of tours, type of hotels and type of transportation. We can arrange your daily tours in 2 different ways:

1. Regular Group Tours : You will do the sights with maximum 14 people from different countries. This is to share transportation and guiding costs.
2. Private Tours : You will be the only clients and by this way, you are independent. You may determine the sights to see and the duration by your own desires.

Interests : This is basically the areas you would like to visit. We will give you our own suggestions based on your time but I need to know if you have any specific place/area you would like to see.

I hope I could give you some piece of information about our company and about your options. Please feel free to contact if you need further information. Once I know something about these subjects, I will give you more details.


Berkay AKARSU (Mr.)


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